Payments Can Be Made In Two Parts

Payment for the Tour can be made in two parts, a Deposit and Balance payment.

  1. The Deposit payment is £300 is payable first and is commonly* taken by PayPal (e.g. by credit card).
  2. The Balance payment of the Tour Price and can be paid by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Stripe.

Payments can be made through the Checkout Page by Bank Transfer or PayPal using a credit card.

Deposits must be paid at the time of booking.

Balance Payments must be paid no less than 8 weeks before the Tour Start Date.

On receipt of your Deposit the price of your Tour is guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharges. The Tour price charged is as per the published rate when you book your Tour place.

When we have received your Deposit payment our Cancellation Terms apply.

Single Accommodation

Singles can opt for a Single Room for an additional fee of £75/night. If you feel the need for a Single Room en-route and did not pay a Single Room Supplement, you will incur additional expenses en-route.

Generally we put singles of the same gender together sharing a twin bedroom or a room with a double bed and a single bed.

Motorcycle Security Deposit

We take a £300 (or equivalent) Motorcycle Security Deposit* for each motorcycle as your first payment. Typically we take this payment through PayPal so we are easily able to refund it at the end of the tour (or earlier if you decide to cancel your booking). It is both your Tour Deposit* and Motorcycle Security Deposit*. This covers breakage and damage, due to carelessness or harsh use. Unreasonable damage and breakages will be charged. All the motorcycles are closely checked before the Tour and existing damage is noted.

Riders are responsible for the daily checks (e.g. tyres, oil, lights) on their motorcycles. Our Tours pass through isolated and remote places and care for your motorcycle is important.

Motorcycle Security Deposits will be reimbursed when the mechanic has checked the motorcycles after the Tour end.

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