Riding in the Himalayas

Riding in the Himalaya always requires a range of clothing. The passes are sometimes very cold. Crossing Tanglang La for example there is sometimes snow. Your riding jacket though should be well ventilated. Evenings in the mountains can be cool. we advise you bring a warm pullover or body-warmer.

Riding in South India

Riding in South India requires lightweight, cool clothing, with a woollen pullover or fleece for chilly evenings. Riding during the day can get very hot, so protective/armoured clothing should be lightweight and well ventilated. Remember to bring swimwear and a lightweight towel.

Ladakh, Nepal and Tibet

For Ladakh, Nepal and Tibet you can manage with lightweight clothes provided you bring thermal underwear. Evenings can be chilly when the sun goes down. After the summer season, warm clothes are required. We provide a fleece sleeping bag and a lightweight long sleeved fleece jacket.

When visiting Temples or Gumpas you must remove your shoes, slip-ons and zipped boots make this a lot easier.

Too Much Stuff!

Often newcomers to India and Nepal will bring too much “stuff”! All over India and Nepal the essentials are available, from toothpaste to batteries, from headache tablets to pants and socks. It’s part of the experience to buy simple requirements as you go along.

We always wear Helmets!

We always wear Helmets! It is the law to wear a helmet everywhere we ride. ‘Local quality’ helmets can be bought in larger cities though your own is always more comfortable.

Extra Luggage

If you have requested them or we are riding an Expedition, we provide three bags per guest; two pannier bags (with waterproof liners) and a ‘sausage’ Holdall.

We recommend you travel to India with rugged, ‘soft’ luggage, which can later be stowed in our hotel or in the support jeep. Bring casual clothes for evenings and the non-riding times.

Note: That we provide Tour luggage, (if you want one, a lightweight sleeping bag), Rider T Shirts and ‘dust busting’ bandanas. Download The Essential Packing List here.

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