Travel Insurance

Nobody wants to get hurt or injured on tour but accidents do sometimes happen. You should have a Travel Insurance Policy that is sufficient for your personal needs. Check your insurance policy covers such needs as hospitalisation or repatriation. Sometimes we ride in remote locations in which there will be no mobile signal, no helicopter recovery service and ambulances may not be available.

The Tour Guide will ensure the best possible evac/services are provided – given our location and the services available locally. As part of the booking process we ask Riders to provide an alternative emergency contact. In the unfortunate event that anything serious should happen to you, we will inform this alternative contact of your condition as soon as possible.

If you are unwell on a ride day, you may ride in the support vehicle, assuming we have one with us. The mechanic will ride your bike until you are fit to ride again. Most medicines are available almost everywhere. We only drink bottled water.

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